Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd enjoys an enviable reputation
for knowledge, experience and integrity.


Are you worried about the negative health effects as a result of chlorinated water ?
Looking for a water filter or water treatment system to dramatically reduce Chlorine?
Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have guaranteed solutions to all your water problems - smell, taste, skin sensitivity, excema, eye and scalp irritation and upper respiratory discomfort..

If you have problems, we have solutions.
* Single simple shower filters,
*  Under bench filter units for food preparation, cooking and drinking
*  Whole house systems so all water in your home is virtually chlorine-free.

Call now on 0800 177 000 to discuss your concerns.
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 Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

Enjoy great tasting, pure, safe water for all your uses and peace of mind knowing you and your family are safeguarded from chlorine and a wide range of contaminants

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Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

Remember and enjoy again the simple pleasure of drinking pure safe cool clean water.

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 Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

Your most valuable assets – your home can be protected throughout from deterioration due to unacceptable water conditions creating damage to hot water cylinders, solar systems, appliances, bathroom showers, tiles and fittings.

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 Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

You can enjoy clean clear softer water and microbiologically safeguarded water from every tap throughout your home.
Be sure of the quality and safety of your water

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why choose Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd ?

Quality water requires quality products.

With extensive experience Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have assessed many different water treatment products to determine which are the best quality products and best performers for the most economical operation - long term.

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd offer a money-back guarantee on all domestic water filters, nitrate and fluoride reduction water purifiers. The company operates with the goal of 100% satisfaction from 100% of clients, 100% of the time.

The company has hundreds of satisfied inter-generational and repeat customers who recommend the company and water treatment products to their families, friends, neighbours and business associates.

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd take care of their clients and really value their great reputation as one of the most practical and knowledgeable water treatment companies in NZ.

Take advantage of and benefit by their expertise to deliver quality water treatment products.

You can trust Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd to do it right first time.

Customer Services

Free consultation to discuss your concerns/questions.

Water testing service with independent analysis by Hill Labs for a wide range of chemical contaminants, E.coli and other microbiological issues.

Based on the Water Report Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd can design water treatment systems to solve the vast majority of problems.

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd can supply pumps, water storage tanks and water treatment units so every aspect is taken care of and is compatible throughout.

Whatever the water problem may be, Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have guaranteed practical solutions backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can be 100% confident that your water treatment system will be the solution to your specific water problem.

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd provides a computer-generated maintenance service for all clients.

The maintenance system records when periodic water analyses may be required and when replacement filters, UV lamps and water treatment media are typically due for replacement.

Continuous high quality water is assured without interruptions.

You can be confident that the recommendations and installed water treatment equipment from Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd will perform (and may exceed) your expectations