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“Doulton” - Ceramic water filter

Having guaranteed safe, great tasting pure water to use for food preparation, cooking and drinking is not a luxury – it is essential for good health and well-being.

The human body is on average approximately 60 % of water so the quality of that water is vitally important.

The “AQUA K” is a simple double filter system to safeguard from E.coli and Campylobactor, Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts, chlorine, chemicals and lead.

Great for bachs and holiday homes with intermittent use.

No power required– just water pressure.

There is a choice of preliminary filters for the first filtration:

  • A 5 micron sediment filter to reduce grit, dirt, rust particles etc, or
  • An Activated Carbon filter to reduce Chlorine, agricultural chemicals and to improve the smell and taste of the water
 Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd  Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd  Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

Client Comments

  • Extremely satisfied with the kindness, speed and professional attitude with which you responded to my call and came out immediately.
    Very informative and pleasant interaction.Committed to absolute service.

    DS, Christchurch 

  • We were both impressed with your service and product knowledge from the time I phoned to enquire about the Water Systems right until we made the purchase.
    We are enjoying drinking fresh clean chemical and pesticide free water!”

    J & A Kaikoura

  • ‘Your service has been wonderful - from my initial enquiry to installation.
    Your explanation of the pros and cons of the various water filters we were looking at was comprehensive, the add-ons you provided to assist with installation, the speed of response to my request for assistance in locating an installer to cut a hole in the bench top, and friendly service made our experience very pleasant and trouble-free.
    We have been enjoying champagne water since. We will most certainly recommend your company to others we can persuade to try chlorine-free water.’

    M & G,  Christchurch 

  • ’Thank you for your prompt, friendly and efficient service it is much appreciated.  
    After ordering a water filter from you we were delighted to have it delivered and installed within 3 days!! Not only that our water now tastes wonderful.  Thank you for a job well done and a big thank you to Sue Kelly Water Systems.’

    J H Pegasus 

  • The service was great - very quick delivery of filters etc. and great advice was given on what treatment was needed .It was good to talk to a company that knows what they are talking about when it comes to the treatment of water. Thank you very much Sue’ 

    J C Waimate  

  • ‘What can I say? Your service and product are perfect.’  

    G T, Akaroa