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"Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers – Clack & Markel"

The Reverse Osmosis water purification process is internationally recognised as being the most effective over a wide range of contaminants and the most economical compared to other available technologies.
The source water passes through sediment and carbon pre-filtration before passing under pressure through the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane which is semi-permeable.

The purification achieved is at a molecular level so even chemicals and contaminants that are totally dissolved in the water are separated from the hydrogen and oxygen molecles that make up pure water and are washed away to waste, leaving the pure water for your uses.

The American RO unit incorporates a Water Quality Monitor which, with the press of a button, indicates the rejection rate of contaminants by the RO membrane and can indicate when the membrane may require maintenance.  So you know exactly how the unit is performing and only replace the membrane when indicated to be necessary.
 Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd  Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd  Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

Client Comments

  • "Superb service!".
    AB,  Auckland   

  • "I found Sue Kelly Water Systems online and they were the first I called in the search for the best water purification system - I was extremely impressed with the level of service to the extent that I did not call anyone else!  Sue's technical knowledge of the product was clearly very good and this gave me great confidence in the product.  When I ordered the product, it arrived the very next day.  Sue has been available for follow up support on installation and has been wonderfully supportive; I would highly recommend Sue Kelly Water Systems!"

    L D,   Auckland

  • "The RO system has been great.  We have loads more energy and much clearer head after a couple of days.  It's more of a dramatic chanage than I expected.  Installation wasn't difficult and I had it in within a cople of hours one evening".

    R & D, Christchurch

  • "Sue Kelly gave good advice, very good service and communication and genuinely cared about improving the quality of our drinking water from our well for our family".

    M I,  Christchurch     

  • "Thank you for being so understanding, responsive, and in the end, so generous with the upgrade to the replacement unit.
    Your integrity and dedication to seeing it right when the first unit proved unsuitable are memorable in this day and age, and much appreciated."

    C L,  Auckland     

  • "The water system is going well, no problems at all.
    The water is so much nicer to drink and clear compared with what it was. I certainly feel well and not so tired and sleeping much better. My daughter also seems a lot brighter".

    KS,    Christchurch