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media alternatives do.  The electronic control valve is programmed to backwash and rinse the media at a pre-determined time and frequency to suit the household.

2.  Greensand Plus  is another American media used to treat higher levels of Iron and Manganese but requires regeneration and is generally treated into storage to control the water-to-media exposure - for optimum results.

3. 4 Irons, Manganese and Extreme Hardness  media  is imported from Europe and offers dramatically enhanced water treatment for water previously considered to be "untreatable" with spectacular results and absolutely delighted clients.
Ferric, ferrous. organic and colloidal iron are all effectively treated along with extremely high levels of Calcium and Magnesium - in a single pass.
Multiple layers of natural and synethetic medias are used in the same blue media tank with the backwash, regeneration, rinse and refill cycles all achieved completely automatically - typically at 2am when the household is not using water.
This system can be installed directly into the water delivery line into the house or into storage - whichever you prefer.  There are differing advantages in each option.

A current water analysis enables the most accurate assessment of the water available to your property so based on that and in consultation with you, we  provide our recommendations for the most effective and economical treatment system for you,
 Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd  Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd  Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

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