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Who are we?

As one of New Zealand’s most esteemed water treatment companies, we’ve solidified our reputation as a trusted industry leader. With an impressive track record spanning over 30 years, our specialization in water-related solutions has made us a go-to resource for individuals and businesses alike.

Our rich history of expertise and dedication to water-related matters positions us as your ultimate partner for resolving any concerns you may have regarding your water quality. Whether you’re dealing with issues related to purity, safety, taste, or any other water-related challenge, our seasoned team is well-equipped to address them.

At the core of our services is a comprehensive water analysis that serves as the cornerstone of our approach. This meticulous assessment allows us to gain deep insights into your specific water quality and identify any potential concerns. Armed with this information, we can then prescribe highly effective and tailored treatment solutions that meet your unique needs.

With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we aim to provide you not just with clean and safe water but with peace of mind. Count on us to deliver the highest standards in water treatment, and let us ensure that you enjoy the water you deserve – pure, safe, and of the highest quality.

Our Services

Water Treatment

At Sue Kelly Water Treatment, we bring over three decades of experience and expertise to ensure the purity and safety of your water. 

Filters & Purifiers

Water filters and purifiers are the unsung heroes of modern living, quietly ensuring that the water we consume is clean, safe, and refreshing.


We provide valuable insights and information about the presence of nitrates in water sources and how to address this potential concern for clean and safe drinking water.

Fluoride & Asbestos

Fluoride and asbestos are two potential contaminants that can be found in water supplies, with fluoride often added for dental health benefits and asbestos posing health risks due to its presence in older pipes or infrastructure.

Can you benefit from some of these solutions we offer?


Water Treatment For Whole House

Enhance the protection of your valuable assets by installing a whole-house water treatment system either at the point of entry (POE) to your home or nearby.

Prevent the wear and tear caused by corrosion or water hardness using these comprehensive whole-house water treatment solutions.

The advantages of safeguarding your significant investments far exceed the expenses and inconveniences associated with issues like scale buildup, damage to your hot water system, element failures, or corrosion due to chlorine or low pH levels.

Kitchen Filtration

Ever wondered what’s making its way into your food?

No matter what contaminants concern you – whether it’s chlorine, E. coli, Campylobacter, protozoan cysts, nitrates, heavy metals, or fluoride – we offer water purifiers designed to significantly reduce them, ensuring the safety of your water for all your culinary needs, from food preparation to cooking, baby formula, and beverages.

Indulge in the delight of having crystal-clear, safe drinking water right in your kitchen – free from worries about bacteria, chlorine, or chemicals. Instead, relish the taste of pure, refreshing water, experience vibrant well-being, and enjoy complete peace of mind for your family.

Bathroom Filtration

Facing skin issues?

Dealing with eczema?

Experiencing dry hair?

It’s worth knowing that hard water, abrasive water, and staining water can all contribute to these unpleasant problems, but we have the solutions with our diverse range of water treatment systems. Say goodbye to an irritated scalp, skin troubles, and discomfort from chlorine in your water, and instead, indulge in the delights of top-quality water throughout your entire home.

We aim to achieve

100% satisfaction of 100% of clients 100% of the time


No matter the nature of your water-related concern, at Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd, we offer reliable and guaranteed solutions. With our wealth of expertise and specialization in water treatment, you can trust that installing and properly maintaining the recommended water treatment system will provide the ultimate solution to any water-related issue, giving you total confidence in the purity and safety of your water.


Experience the delight of crisp, pure, and safe drinking water right in your kitchen – free from concerns about bacteria, chlorine, or chemicals. Instead, savor the taste of refreshing, high-quality water, promoting robust well-being and providing complete peace of mind for your family


From hard water to harsh water and staining issues – all these water-related problems can be effectively resolved with our selection of water treatment systems. At Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd, we have a solution for every water concern you may encounter.

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I hope this note finds you and your family in good health. I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you did. I’m no expert working with people, but I did at one stage of my life for 10 years. It was definitely long enough to understand that a smile, a thank you and a helping hand can make a huge difference.

Your compassion, patience, kindness and willingness to help out was incredible and ultimately the reason your company is light years ahead of the rest.

I can tell you one thing: I would never been able to complete this project without you. You went out of your way to reply to emails, when nobody else would give me the light of the day.

I remember saying we were on a budget, therefore I needed to install the system myself and you made that possible. I have so much respect for you!

Just know, from the bottom of my heart how proud and grateful I was that I found your company.

You are always welcome around our campfire anytime.

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