The proposal to fluoridate town and city water supplies has been considered with alarm by many people. The compulsory “mass dosing” aspect gravely concerns unconvinced people.

Fluoride is a very polarising topic with strongly held opposing views and opinions.

Some people are strongly Pro and others are strongly Anti. It is a personal choice whether to ingest it as tablets or in toothpaste but made more difficult when the choice is taken away by it being compulsorily added to the water supply.

Official documentation from CDHB has not proven the results claimed.

CDHB Statistic Chart

International papers report significant negative health impacts and dubious gains in dental health.

Documented deterioration in IQ and mental health is cause for concern.

People worried about Fluoride in the reticulated water available to them, can be 100% confident that they and their family will be safeguarded from excessive Fluoride by installing a Reverse Osmosis water purifier for their family’s food preparation, cooking, and drinking water.

Review of the benefits of cost of water Fluoridation in New Zealand

Water fluoridation

Adjusting the natural fluoride level in our water supplies makes a significant difference in preventing tooth decay for all New Zealanders.

According to the most recent New Zealand oral health survey (2009), children and adolescents who live in areas with fluoridated water have 40% less tooth decay than those who do not.

Over 60 years of research around the world backs up the significant benefits of water fluoridation for oral health.

What exactly is fluoridation of water?

Water fluoridation is the process of ensuring and adding to the natural level of fluoride in the water supply to between 0.7 and 1.0 parts per million (ppm). This is the ideal amount for protecting against tooth decay. The amount added is monitored to ensure that the levels remain within the specified range.

Water fluoridation has been used in many New Zealand regions for over 60 years. Water fluoridation, according to New Zealand and international studies, provides benefits in addition to brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and eating a healthy diet. Water fluoridation is supported in countries similar to New Zealand, including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Why is water fluoridated?

The level of fluoride currently found in untreated water supplies in New Zealand is insufficient to help prevent tooth decay. Increasing the fluoride content of the water supply to a safe level improves oral health.

Despite the widespread use of fluoride toothpaste and the availability of public dental services for children, tooth decay remains New Zealand’s most common chronic disease. Water fluoridation is recommended by key public health organisations worldwide as an important contribution to health equity because the benefit of dental decay prevention.

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