Nitrate Contamination in Rural Groundwater: The Persistent Challenge in Mid Canterbury

For many decades, Mid Canterbury has grappled with elevated nitrate levels in groundwater, a concern that has recently escalated.

Notably, shallow wells beneath affected by meat processing plants have seen nitrate levels exceed 20ppm in affected areas.

The historical footprint of four meat processing plants near Ashburton has left a documented legacy of heightened nitrate in groundwater. In a poignant incident from 1994, nitrate resulted in hospitalisation for two children, with recorded levels surpassing 20ppm. Similar scenarios have unfolded near other local meat processing plants, impacting water quality adversely. 

The advent of intensive dairying in Canterbury and beyond has further compounded the issue, amplifying the number of affected wells across a broader expanse, leading to widespread nitrate elevation.

Nitrate, being colourless, odourless, and tasteless, evades detection without water analysis, necessitating vigilance. A troubling nexus exists between nitrate, bacteria, and other agricultural chemicals, all of which can infiltrate underground aquifers.

Heightened awareness of the health hazards linked to nitrate exposure, notably its conversion into carcinogenic compounds post-ingestion, underscores the urgency for action. Instances of the negative effects of nitrate, especially among vulnerable demographics like premature and expectant mothers, are on the rise.

A landmark 2018 Danish study unveiled the correlation between nitrate levels in drinking water and a heightened incidence of colorectal (CRC) or bowel cancers, even at minute concentrations. Spanning 33 years and involving 2.7 million adults, the study reported a statistically significant increase in cancer rates with nitrate levels as low as 3.8ppm.

In New Zealand, with one of the globe’s highest colorectal cancer rates, the Maximum Acceptable Value (MAV) for nitrate in drinking water still stands at 11.3ppm.

To tackle nitrate contamination and uphold water safety standards, point-of-use (POU) water treatment solutions like Reverse Osmosis (RO) are championed. RO technology, endorsed by bodies like the American NSF International, boasts efficacy in reducing nitrate levels and curbing contaminant spread, thereby ensuring safe water for miriad household uses.

Certified RO systems deliver substantial nitrate reductions, aligning with stringent safety benchmarks. Growing recognition among healthcare professionals of studies like the Danish report signals the imperative to revisit prevailing nitrate standards in New Zealand’s drinking water regulations.

By fostering awareness, embracing preventive strategies, and adopting robust treatment protocols, we can confront the pressing challenge of nitrate contamination in rural groundwater, fostering public health and resilience for generations to come.

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