About the Company

Hello, my name is Sue Kelly, and I co-own and direct Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd, a leading NZ water treatment company based in Christchurch, with my husband, Russell.

For about 30 years, we have specialised in water treatment and purification, starting in the Ashburton area and quite often on water taken from open stock water races in rural areas – a very demanding challenge. We learnt fast.

I enjoy meeting and working with clients to determine their needs, and I am passionate about providing the necessary practical solutions to a variety of issues in order to achieve the most effective and economical results.

I thrive on problem-solving.

With our experience and the products we import as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we are confident that we can provide the best combinations of water treatment equipment available to ensure clean, clear, chemically and microbiologically safe water for domestic and commercial situations.
I look forward to discussing your concerns with you.

Excellence & Quality

To achieve the best results for our many valued clients, we strive for the highest quality in all of our recommendations and installations.

Integrity & Accountability

These two are important to our company and personal values because we want to ensure that all of our clients can relax and enjoy the best water possible.

Passion & Vision

Water is one of the most basic necessities of life. We can’t live without it.

Our bodies are roughly 60% water and our blood is 80% water.
Increasing pressures and pollution have had a severely negative impact.

For way too long, water has been taken for granted and undervalued, despite its critical importance to all health and life.

A forward thinking concerned old client told me many years ago ”In the future, wars will be waged over water”.

He may well be proved to be right if the world’s people do not shake off the vested interests, politics,
procrastination and lethargy to actively address the obvious issues.
I am hopeful that as more people become aware of how important it is, meaningful changes will be
implemented to help protect and preserve this wonderful liquid we all rely on for survival.