Water testing and identifying issues

A comprehensive water analysis provides the information on the source water that is required to determine which water treatment(s) may be most effective to correct any non-compliant issues.

Hill Laboratories – NZ are internationally recognised, well respected and completely impartial so we use their services extensively and can arrange for water test kits to be couriered direct to you. Enquire here.

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd offer a free consultation with an explanation of the significance of the chemical analysis of the water and provide recommended solutions to achieve Compliance.

Excessive minerals can result in staining and unpleasant taste in water – so are visible and you will be aware of their presence and the negative effects.

Agricultural chemicals and Nitrates can be colourless, odourless and tasteless – so invisible and insidious – but with very harmful negative, long term health consequences.

Whatever the water problem may be, Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have guaranteed practical solutions backed by – approximately 30 years of specialising in water treatment so you can be totally confident that installing your water treatment is the solution to any water problem and will achieve Compliance with your District Council and the current NZ Drinking Water Standard.

Whatever the problem Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have a solution so contact us now for your best treatment options to achieve clean, safe water and peace of mind.

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Dirty water with sediment

Rusty water with Iron and Manganese staining

Hard water with limescale

Corrosive water/ low pH, with blue/green staining

Microbiological contamination with E.coli Bacteria, Campylobacter etc plus Cysts of Giardia & Cryptosporidium

Chlorinated Water – with unpleasant Chemical smell & taste

There can be a combination of problems, like Iron, Manganese and Hardness or Sediment and high Microbiological counts, but we have a complete range of compatible water treatment equipment to treat all situations for great outcomes.

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