Carbon Treatment
for Chlorine

The POINT OF ENTRY Carbon treatment – the most frequently chosen unit and the best value for money.


All Councils and Suppliers have been or will be directed by the Government to instigate compulsory chlorination of the reticulated water supplies they are responsible for.

When assessing Carbon treatment options, the most important question to ask should be “How much Carbon are we getting for our money” – to assess the best and most efficient treatment unit capacity and the best value for your money.

Some of the complete replacement Carbon cartridges are very expensive for the volume of Carbon supplied.

A single neutral coloured media tank (10″ Diameter by 44″ High) located near the water valve often located in the garage, filled with 15Kg/30 Litres of loose Granular Activated Carbon granules so all the water entering the house runs through the generous column of Carbon.

A Manual control valve is fitted to backwash and rinse the carbon periodically.

Three fittings required: IN, OUT & BACKWASH – which can be connected to a drain or used for watering.

This unit has seven and a half times the capacity of the 20” refillable cartridge as below and 15 times the smaller 10”size.

10”x 35”media tank with manual backwashing valve.

10” x 44” media tank with manual backwashing valve.

10” x 54” media tank with manual backwashing valve.

12” x 52” media tank with manual backwashing valve.

The POINT OF ENTRY Carbon treatment – the most frequently chosen unit and the best value for money.

ALTERNATE POINT OF ENTRY TO THE HOUSE = to treat all water entering your home.

A 20” Housing with 1” ports fitted with a refillable 20” cartridge full of carbon media to adsorb Chlorine and other chemicals before the water enters the house – this is usually located after the Valve in the Cold water pipe – often located in the garage wall.

The refillable cartridge holds 4 Litres of carbon and is far more economical to refill with loose Carbon granules than replacing the entire cartridge (and saves the landfill).

A spanner is provided to open the housing.

The loose carbon media in the cartridge can be easily tipped out when expended and/or the smell of Chlorine returns and then replaced with fresh carbon.

We can supply 4 Litres or larger quantities of loose Granular Activated Carbon granules

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A single 20”BB Housing complete with Refillable 4 Litre Carbon cartridge. Alternatively you can have two 20”BB Housings with 20”Sediment filter and 20” Refillable Carbon cartridge.

Two x 10” BB Housings complete with Refillable 2 Litre Carbon cartridge and a 10” Sediment filter. Alternatively you can have a single 10” BB Housing with a 10” Refillable Carbon cartridge.

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Chlorination removal is essential for those who are concerned about the effects of chlorine on their health. Chlorine is a strong oxidant and can cause skin irritation, dryness, and other health problems. Chlorine in drinking water can also lead to the formation of harmful by-products, such as trihalomethanes, that can pose a serious threat to health.

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