Extreme Hardness,
Iron and Manganese

Extreme Hardness, Iron and Manganese

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd offer a revolutionary European water treatment that is capable of dramatically reducing extremely high levels of Hardness, Iron and Manganese, as well as Tannins and Ammonium.
Ground water that until recently has been “untreatable” can be spectacularly improved with this single treatment unit – with brilliantly impressive results.

It is a composite media consisting of 5 materials of different origin and properties – a blend of Medias used in a single media tank.

Developed in Europe in 1998 and distributed to 32 countries – now
including NZ.

Operates in a broad pH range.

Maximum Concentration Limits

Hardness as CaCO3                             750ppm

Iron (Ferrous, organic and colloidal)  15ppm

Manganese                                                3ppm

Tannins                                                       5ppm

May also partially reduce Hydrogen Sulphide.

Operated completely automatically and economically with no toxic chemicals involved, it is a real “Life changer” in the water treatment industry.
Without exception all our clients who have had this unit installed, are absolutely delighted with their water quality!

IRON: Reduces content of the key forms of iron: dissolved, oxidized, organic and colloidal. Concentration of iron shouldn’t exceed 15 ppm. MANGANESE Is one of the most reliable tools to reduce manganese. Concentration of manganese in the water being purified shouldn’t exceed 3 ppm. ORGANIC MATTER Effectively reduces color, tannins and chemical oxygen demand. Maximum allowed influent COD is 20 ppm O2 (80 ppm KMnO4). AMMONIUM Concentration of ammonium in purified water shouldn’t exceed 4 ppm. HARDNESS Softens water with hardness up to (750 ppm CaCO3).