Softener for
Hard Water

Water Softening for Hard Water
A Luxury that Saves you Money and Stress – guaranteed.

The Calcium and Magnesium in hard water causes significant expense and inconvenience when elements and whole hot water cylinders are damaged. The maintenance requirements in kettles, irons, washing machines and dishwashers can be never-ending. Trying to clean shower enclosures can be hard work, demandingly difficult and demoralising.

The harsh effect of high minerals on skin and hair can be distressing. The Guideline Value in the NZ Drinking Water Standards for Total Hardness is stated as less than 200ppm (mg/L) but as you may well know, considerable damage occurs at less than that level. It is desirable that domestic water supplies contain significantly less than 100ppm of hardness.

Without treatment the hard water damage continues relentlessly.

With a water softener installed, the improvement in water quality is immediate and permanent. All laundry is lovely and soft and skin and hair feel so much more comfortable for everyone. The reduction in the quantity of all cleaning products, laundry powder and shampoo used, is considerable – with a lot less effort required.

A cabinet softener is most suitable for an average home. It is slim and compact and is usually installed along the side wall of a garage near the water valve, so the water can be directed through the Softener before entering your home.

Larger capacity units are available for more substantial homes with greater numbers in the household and associated water usage. Separate brine tanks sit beside the larger media tanks with the electronic valve fitted to control the backwash and regeneration process, usually at say 2:00 am, when there is no water used in the home. Ask today which water softener will be the best for you and your family home.

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