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The Reverse Osmosis water purification process is internationally recognised as being the most effective over the widest range of contaminants and the most economical compared to other available technologies.

The source water passes through sediment and carbon pre-filtration before passing under pressure through the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane which is semi-permeable and could be described as like cling wrap rolled up with other layers to create the RO membrane.

The purification achieved is at a molecular level so even chemicals and contaminants that are totally dissolved in the water are separated from the hydrogen and oxygen molecules (that make up pure water) and are washed away to waste, leaving the pure water delivered to the reservoir tank for your uses.

A minimum water pressure of 50psi is required to reduce nitrates as they are completely dissolved in water.

πŸ“Β  Dimensions: W 30cm, H 31cm, Depth 11cm
πŸ“Β  Tank dimensions: W 24cm, H 37cm, D 24cm

Optional re-mineralising cartridges are available if preferred

Two Reverse Osmosis models to choose from

The American Reverse Osmosis

This unit has been subjected to a very stringent testing and certifying process by the National Sanitation Foundation International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for the reduction rates for a list of contamainants and the entire system validated.

The American RO unit incorporates a Water Quality Monitor which, with the press of a button, indicates the rejection rate of contaminants by the RO membrane and can indicate when the membrane may require maintenance.
At the rejection rate of 75 to 100%, the light on the Monitor shines green. At a rejection rate of below 75% and the light shines amber. So you know exactly how the unit is performing and only replace the membrane when indicated to be necessary. This provides constant peace of mind about the high quality water and considerable maintenance savings to be enjoyed.

The Chinese Reverse Osmosis

This unit manufactured in Shanghai, is larger than the American unit and has an extra preliminary filter – so five passes of treatment. You can choose either an extra sediment filter for use on dirty water or an extra carbon for additional chemical reduction. With 5 separate filtering passes these water purifiers certainly have advantages over some of the very basic types available. The RO membrane sheet (the heart of the system) is made in America

πŸ“ Dimensions: W 43cm, H 40cm, Depth 13.5cm
πŸ“ Tank dimensions: W 25cm, H 35cm, D 38cm

RO water, reverse osmosis water filter


Re-mineralising cartridges are available if preferred