Water taken from rivers, creeks, streams and springs or via rural water schemes is often vulnerable to high levels of dirt and sediment resulting in high sediment and turbidity levels.
Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have a range of water treatment systems to reduce dirt and sediment progressively.

Rural surface water is dramatically improved for domestic uses.

Completely automatic operation to clean water with electronic control valves that backwash and rinse the American water treatment media used to clean the source water, typically at say 2am, when there is no water usage.

If the treated water is delivered to a storage tank, by utilising a solenoid valve, the cleaned water can be used to backwash and rinse the media – for optimum performance.

The electronic control valve fitted to the top of the media tank has a range of adjustable cycle settings to cover any situation.

Manual control valves are available.

The smallest visible dirt particle is approximately 40 micron.

The American media Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have been using for many years for our rural clients on very dirty surface supplies, is capable of reducing the particulate down to within the 3 to 5 micron range.

The vast majority of the heavy dirt loading is “caught” in the media, leaving significantly cleaner water to pass through fine filtration prior to treatment with Ultra Violet to ensure all water entering the home is dramatically cleaner and guaranteed safe from all microbiological contaminants, for all domestic uses.